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Yampa Sandwich Takes the Healthy Food Franchise to New Heights

We’re taking our healthy food franchise opportunities to new heights by expanding beyond the Rocky Mountains!

Yampa Sandwich Co. began with a mission to give adventurous people high-quality, harm-free, portable food they could eat while living an active life in the outdoors.

From the very beginning, we have cultivated a menu with healthy, sustainable foods that bring inventive flavors people crave. Our sandwiches are designed to be easy-to-pack and delicious to help our customers power through their day.

Americans Seek Out Healthy Food Franchises to Fuel Their Busy Lives

Eating healthier has become a way of life for many Americans, particularly for younger generations who often focus on sustainability and fair sourcing practices.

It used to be that people leading busy lives would stop at a fast food restaurant for a quick meal on their way to their next meeting, game, or gathering.

Now, though, we can see how lower quality fatty foods can negatively impact our overall health. People are looking for the same convenience and speed with foods that taste great and pack a powerful, healthier punch.

The need for quick, portable food from a healthy food franchise hasn’t gone away. Americans are still as busy as ever.

But now, more Americans are seeking flavorful alternatives that can fuel their adventures without potentially harming their bodies. 35% of Americans view a nutritious diet as the most important determinant of overall health.

48% of Americans choose their food buying options with wellness and environmental sustainability in mind. When seeking a quick-service restaurant, 39% will only choose from healthy menus.

Healthy food is no longer just a trend.

For many Americans, it can be a way of life. They care about where their food comes from, how humanely the animals providing meat are treated, and how much of a carbon footprint their eating habits create.

This is where a healthy restaurant franchise like Yampa Sandwich Co. comes in.

The Healthy Food Franchise Difference

Twenty years ago, Yampa Sandwich Co.’s first location opened in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and then expanded into Fort Collins and Denver.

From the beginning, our goal has been to give our customers the highest-quality power food to fuel their adventurous spirit, whether they were headed into a meeting or climbing a mountain.

We care as much about the food we create as we do about the people who eat it. That’s why we create many of our menu items from scratch, and our ingredients contain no antibiotics, hormones, or other harmful additives. We also only partner with vendors that also use the highest quality ingredients available.

Offering high-quality, sustainably sourced food is not just a choice: it’s at the core of the Yampa Sandwich healthy food franchise philosophy.

We also seek to partner with local producers to honor the environment we love so much and choose vendors who share our philosophy on sustainability.

With Americans eating 300 million sandwiches every day, we’re doing our part to give healthy options made of inventive and pioneering flavor combinations. It’s what keeps our customers coming back for more.

Yampa Sandwich Co.: A Healthy Food Franchise Investment Worth Making

The sandwich has long been considered a convenient, filling, delicious, and affordable food for people with an active lifestyle. But it can also be an investment opportunity with a Yampa Sandwich Co. healthy food franchise location.

With a $25,000 franchise fee, Yampa Sandwich new healthy food franchises are among the most affordable franchise investments available. Investors can expect the total initial investment to range between $295,750 and $527,900, including the franchise fee.

Yampa Sandwich franchise owners contribute 5% of gross sales in royalties to be part of the Yampa Sandwich Co. brand, and a monthly marketing fee of 1%, which helps us develop marketing strategies that benefit the brand both locally and in expanded territories.

The Advantages of Opening a Yampa Sandwich Co. Franchise

The franchise model is an attractive investment to many people because it can take much of the guesswork out of starting a business.

With a Yampa Sandwich Co. healthy food franchise, our franchise owners have access to an established business plan that has worked well since the opening of our first location 20 years ago.

This, in turn, streamlines the training and opening processes, so each Yampa Sandwich Co. location can have smooth operations, from the grand opening and beyond.

Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise owners receive support from our developmental team.

We help our franchise owners with finding and building out a location that our customers will love.

We also assist with training materials, equipment sourcing, preparing the store for opening, using technology tools for daily operations, and building marketing strategies that work in the local community.

This level of guidance not only builds rapport, but it also gives support to our franchise owners for a smooth start to their healthy food franchise business.

Americans have become more careful about what’s in their food. With the Yampa Sandwich Co. brand being a valued name among Colorado residents, we’ve built trust with our customers.

They know that nearly every menu item we offer is a whole food that doesn’t contain a list of unpronounceable additives or chemicals.

At every Yampa Sandwich Co. location, we cultivate relationships with our customers, so they know what they’re getting every time they stop in: a healthier meal with a friendly smile from a local business that’s active in their community.

A Good Investment is a Health-Focused Investment

We’re looking to expand this trust in our brand beyond the Rocky Mountains with Yampa Sandwich Co. healthy food franchise investment opportunities.

As the demand for a more sustainable, transparent, and ecologically friendly supply chain grows, Yampa Sandwich Co. is pleased to be able to deliver flavorful, inventive creations our customers can customize and feel good about eating.

If you’re looking for a healthy food franchise opportunity that embraces the demand for quality, whole foods that are a popular choice for busy, active people, then Yampa Sandwich Co. may be an attractive investment option.

For more information about our business model, our franchise, and our plans for expansion, contact us today.