Why  a Sandwich Franchise opportunity?

The Yampa Sandwich Co. Franchise Experience

The history of the sandwich as one of the most popular American lunch options goes all the way back to the 1920’s when people needed something fast, filling, and affordable. A century later, Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches every day.

That is what we call industry staying power!

There’s no better time to open a sandwich franchise

Let’s Get Started:

Why a sandwich restaurant franchise?

The real question should be, why not a sandwich restaurant franchise? There are unlimited varieties of sandwiches that appeal to a wide variety of target customers.Sandwich recipes are relatively simple, their production is typically streamlined, ingredients typically aren’t crazy-expensive, and people love ‘em – to the tune of hundreds of millions of sandwiches eaten per day in America.

That’s saying something, considering there are only about 320+ million people in America.

What do people ask for in a sandwich franchise?

The definition of a sandwich is “an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them.” At Yampa Sandwich Franchise, we take that definition and kick it up a notch. The sandwich franchise market can tap into just about any consumer or industry trend.

Are people looking for healthier options? (They are – by the way) Then, make a healthier sandwich.

Do consumers want to know the food they eat is responsibly sourced?
(That would be another “yes” answer) Then stack a sandwich with fair-caught, well-treated, and/or grain-fed sustainably sourced ingredients.

Sandwich franchises are popular because they products that are portable, affordable, filling, and delicious.

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Important facts about Sandwich franchise opportunities

  • The Sandwich and sub franchise industry is a $25 billion market, with an average annual growth rate of 3.4%
  • 20% of fast-casual consumers prefer an option to customize/build their own food item
  • The average American household, including individuals, spends $3,000 per year eating out
  • According to Dataessential.com, functional foods (high protein, vegetable rich, super foods) are currently the most attractive to diners to maintain health
  • The Center for Food Integrity reports that 1 in 4 consumers engages in online discussion about responsible food sourcing

Sandwich shop franchises are a people business

Whether grabbing a sandwich to go in between meetings or sitting for a spell to fuel up before a hike, sandwich shop franchises give consumers a feeling of community.

The more comfortable the consumer feels, the more they connect with the shop owners and employees, and the more likely they are to return.

Further, when the community supports a local business, the business supports the community. In fact, for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 of that supports the local community.

Local businesses are also more likely to support other local businesses. For example, a restaurant (like a sandwich shop) might source their ingredients from local farms or utilize the marketing agency down the street.

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At Yampa Sandwich Co. we strive to meet today’s consumer demands, not because the trends tell us to, but because that is just who we are. We believe wholeheartedly that people deserve hearty, delicious sandwiches with top-quality, sustainable ingredients.  Our mission statement says it all:

To care as much about the food we prepare as we do about the people who eat it. We will achieve this by sourcing natural ingredients, providing exceptional service and investing in our communities and beyond. We will be the sandwich company you love.

We make sure we

  • Fuel the adventure everyday
  • Obsess over freshness and flavor
  • Take our jobs seriously, but not too seriously
  • Treat our customers like friends
  • Believe in pioneering flavor profiles

Sandwich franchise opportunities

The greatest reward for hard work and doing the right thing is having the opportunity to help others do the same. That’s why we developed the Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise program. Our program provides all the important things you need to open your own business and start fueling adventures in your own community.

We offer an excellent, exceptionally designed sub franchise concept, that allows you to leverage a growing part of the restaurant industry, with support you can rely on. We’ve been doing this so long we’ve got it down to a science. We know what works, what customers and franchise owners want, and how to make it happen. Together, we’re seeing exciting, sustainable business growth we are all proud of.

Our menus are loaded with all things related to sandwich-awesomeness, plus everything that goes with those awesome sandwiches, from chips to salads to soups. Our people are like family, and our business model was created with multiple revenue streams to keep business steady.

That means multiple day parts (we serve an amazing breakfast!), flexible menu items, catering, pick up, along with delivery options, a loyalty program, gift cards and merchandise

What to look for when choosing the best sandwich franchise?

If you are looking for the best sandwich franchise, take into account that our sandwich shop franchise owners will be part of a system that provides comprehensive training, site selection guidance, business and marketing assistance, operational support and so much more.


Our franchise model is one that is adaptable to whatever direction the industry moves, because it’s based on the one core items that consumers have consistently loved for over 100 years – a really satisfying sandwich!

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