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Business ownership takes the heart of an adventurer. Opening your own sandwich franchise could be the most exciting journey you’ve ever taken.

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Learn what sets us apart from other sandwich franchises.

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    A Journey Worth Taking…
    We’re passionate about a lot of things. The Sandwich Franchise Opportunities are a way to go into business for yourself, but never by yourself.

    Yampa Sandwich franchise business model is innovative and will support your growth.

    We offer a winning franchise sandwich shop business concept in a growing part of the restaurant industry. We provide the kind of support that can take your career to new heights. Together, we’re seeing thriving, sustainable businesses we are all proud of.

    Our Story: Yampa Sandwich Co.
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    A sandwich franchise primed for Growth

    A sandwich franchise providing multiple revenue streams ahead of you and a solid support team behind you.

    Yampa Sandwich Franchise is looking for adventurous souls who want to expand their investment reach and acquire an excellent business opportunity.

    Bringing the same great fresh food and atmosphere we’ve created in our flagship stores to concrete canyons, mixed-use neighborhoods, and anywhere adventure can be found, the Yampa Sandwich positions itself as a strong choice in the restaurant franchise industry.

    Your Look for Sub Sandwich Franchise Opportunities in the USA has come to and end?

    Born in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, today the Yampa Sandwich Company Franchise is expanding throughout Colorado and beyond.

    Sandwich Shop For Sale in Colorado!

    Yampa was born with a strong belief that adventurous souls of Colorado need, not only the taste of delicious sandwiches, but also the convenience and versatility of our product.

    We are primarily focused on regional expansion, but if you are located elsewhere, and our brand is speaking to you, we should have a conversation.

    Best Sandwich Franchise Opportunity

    In order to create the best restaurant opportunity, this franchise business has thrived to establish the corresponding values to achieve it.

    We are an experienced and dedicated team providing quality products, excellent customer service, and the Best Sandwich Shop Franchise Opportunity in the USA.

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    Next Steps Towards Your Own Yampa Sandwich Franchise

    Franchise Support on each step of the way


    Complete the Confidential Franchise Information Request Form


    Speak with Our Sandwich Franchise Development Team


    Meet with Our Team & Review the FDD


    Secure Financing, Sign the Franchise Agreement & Finalize Site Selection


    Attend our specialized Franchise Training


    Receive Onsite Franchisee support


    Begin Marketing to the Community


    Hold the Grand Opening for your Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise!

    3 things to look for in a sandwich franchise this 2023

    The history of the sandwich franchise as one of the most popular American lunch options goes all the way back to the 1920’s.

    People needed something fast, filling, and affordable. A century later, Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches every day.

    That is what we call industry staying power!

    There’s no better time to open a sandwich franchise.


    Why not? With unlimited varieties of sandwiches appealing to a wide audience, the answer is clear. Sandwiches recipes are simple, they have streamlined production ingredients that are affordable people love sandwiches. 


    1. Are people looking for healthier options? (They are – by the way) Then, offering a healthier sandwich is must.
    2. Do consumers want to know the food they eat is responsibly sourced?
      (That would be another “yes” answer) Then stack a sandwich with fair-caught, well-treated, and/or grain-fed sustainably sourced ingredients.
    3. Sandwich franchises are popular because they products that are portable, affordable, filling, and delicious.


    • The Sandwich and sub shop franchise industry is a $25 billion market, with an average annual growth rate of 3.4%
    • 20% of fast-casual consumers prefer an option to customize/build their own food item
    • The average American household, including individuals, spends $3,000 per year eating out
    • According to, functional foods (high protein, vegetable rich, super foods) are currently the most attractive to diners to maintain health
    • The Center for Food Integrity reports that 1 in 4 consumers engages in online discussion about responsible food sourcing

    Franchisee Training You Can Count On

    At Yampa Sandwich Co., nobody makes the climb alone. Taking the success of our franchisees seriously, we’ve come up with a workable framework.

    We are committed about this for each sandwich shop franchise owner. Working closely with you on everything from site selection and start-up to operations and marketing support.

    As your guide, we’ll equip you with the vital tools needed to fuel a growing franchise business, including a complete training program, proprietary recipes, tech tools and so much more.

    What are our Customers Saying about our Restaurant Franchise?

    This place is so delicious. Just stop looking for other options and go here. You won’t be disappointed.

    Craig Y., Yelp

    Like homemade but better. Really, really good sandwiches when you’re on vacation and sick of eating out. Delicious.


    These sandwiches are delicious! I got the little Italy and my boyfriend got the ranchero and they were both awesome and hot/fresh. The staff was very friendly. Would definitely return and recommend.

    Nicky H., Yelp

    Large catering order (10+). They nailed everything on the order and it was ready on time.

    Ryan H., Google

    Sandwich Franchise

    Let’s talk about our YAMPA sandwich franchise founders

    Peter Boniface and David Pepin are the founders of Yampa Sandwich Co, these two fun-loving, seriously dedicated guys from Boston whose love of the outdoors led them to open a sandwich company committed to serving high-quality, great-tasting food that inspires people to get out and explore.

    We opened our first sub shop franchise in Steamboat Springs, CO, back in 1999. We had a blast serving hearty provisions to guide services, to fuel them up for their day-long journeys. Word got out and our delicious sandwiches now serve everyone from weekend warriors to workday professionals and families.

    The greatest reward for hard work and doing the right thing is having the opportunity to help others do the same.

    That’s why we developed the Yampa Sandwich Franchise. Our program provides all the important things you need to open your own business and start fueling adventures in your own community.

    We offer an excellent, exceptionally designed sub franchise concept, that allows you to leverage a growing part of the restaurant industry, with support you can rely on.

    We’ve been doing this so long we’ve got it down to a science. We know what works, what customers and franchise owners want, and how to make it happen. Together, we’re seeing exciting, sustainable business growth we are all proud of.

    Is It Time For A Sub Franchise Adventure?

    At Yampa Sandwich Co. we seek folks like us who are looking for a little adventure. Are you exploring the possibility of sandwich franchise ownership in the thriving fast-casual restaurant industry? Do you believe in providing healthier, heartier fare to people who care about food, their planet and their communities?
    Yampa Sandwich Co. restaurant franchise opportunities may be for you.

    Our Latest News

    5 Tips for How to Start a Sandwich Business

    5 Tips for How to Start a Sandwich Business

    Any entrepreneur opening a business would love to avoid common pitfalls if they can. It saves money, time, and headaches, and ensures things operate smoothly. At Yampa Sandwich Co., we’ve developed our top five best practices for how to start a sandwich business to...

    Frequently Asked Questions about Sandwich Franchises

    What is a sandwich franchise?

    A sandwich franchise is a business model specialized in selling sandwiches through a chain of restaurants or cafes.

    Franchisees pay initial franchise fees along ongoing royalties to the franchisor for the right to use the franchisor’s brand, system, and support services.

    A good sandwich franchise must understand its clientele and use high-quality ingredients like bread, vegetables, and meat.

    In addition, a successful franchise model requires a well-defined business structure and comprehensive support for franchisees, including initial and ongoing training, marketing support, and operational assistance.

    Once all these factors are in place, a business owner can get the ball rolling and start building a successful sandwich franchise that can satisfy customers and generate profits for franchisees and the franchisor alike.

    How much does a Yampa Sandwich Franchise cost?

    The total initial investment necessary to begin a Yampa Sandwich Franchise ranges from $295,750 to $527,900 for a single location.

    This includes a $25,000 initial franchise fee. As with any new venture, it’s important to have adequate capital to fund the initial business growth stages.

    For in depth information, visit our article on how much does it cost to open a sandwich shop.

    Facts to know when choosing the Best Sandwich Franchises to Buy in 2023

    The largest generation, representing an eighth of the U.S. population, is the millennial or Gen Y generation — and it is changing the supply chain of the U.S. food industry.

    Modern consumers want something better. They want healthier food that fuels them. They want to know where it comes from, that it is sourced responsibly and prepared by people who care about the entire process.

    We have created a more meaningful eating experience. No nonsense, no fillers, no shortcuts. Just fresh ingredients, solid preparation and a personal approach to service that turns our guests into our tribe.

    Are sandwich franchises profitable?

    Sandwich franchises benefit from a variety of revenue sources. If done correctly, a concept can access the Quick Service Restaurant and Fast Food industry while still being a healthy option for customers that care for quality food.

    Also, the United States is a country with a crave for sandwiches, eating more than 300 million of sandwiches a day and the overall industry is looking to continue to grow over the next years.

    Furthermore, sandwiches enjoy a myriad of exotic flavors that can be tasted by hungry clients. That is the case of Yampa Sandwich franchise, a unique concept that has won the hearth of the hikers of Colorado.

    Is the sandwich market healthy?

    As per the Statista report of 2011-2022 published by the Statista Research Department, this sector was valued on 20.56 billions on 2020 and is foreseeing an increment of 23.58 billion US dollars in 2022.

    Also, another research conducted by CISION signals more increment for the years to come, with a boost of USD 11.69 billions.

    What experience do I need to become a sandwich franchise owner?

    We prefer that franchise candidates have a background in food service or general business management experience, and who are operations and process focused and detail oriented.

    We look for franchisees who will be dedicated owner-operators working full-time in the business, who are involved in the community and committed to giving back and to protecting the environment – all important parts of our core values, beliefs, and philosophies.

    This franchise opportunity provides the training, tools, and recipes you need to open your sub franchise and operate it effectively. With a franchising model proved successful, Yampa Sandwich franchise has a franchise training program ready to set franchisees to win.

    We're an ideal franchise for those looking for:

    Sandwich chain, restaurant franchise, cheap franchises, healthy franchises, vegan or vegetarian franchises, organic food franchises, QSR Franchises or fast casual franchises.

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