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Are Sandwich Franchises Expired? Discover 3 Reasons to Own a Yampa

It wasn’t until the 1990s when sandwich franchises became real competition against staple franchises like hamburgers, pizza, and tacos. It was perfect timing. People were looking for something new, and the market was primed for a breakout new fast-casual restaurant segment.

Sandwiches were positioned as healthier alternatives, and people have since been flocking to those restaurants. Now, there are so many menu choices—not just for meats and cheeses, but also unique and delicious toppings that create fantastic flavor profiles that have to be tasted to be believed.

Just because the first big sandwich franchise to dominate the market, Subway, is declining in numbers, that doesn’t mean the fast-casual sandwich restaurant franchise is past its prime. Quite the opposite, actually.
Many new concepts have emerged, and there’s more variety in the best sandwich restaurant chains than there ever has been. Yampa Sandwich Co. can attest to that.

Reason #1 to Own a Yampa Sandwich Franchise

Fresh, Harm-Free Power Food

Since opening our first location in Steamboat Springs, Colorado more than 20 years ago, Yampa Sandwich Co.’s philosophy has been that the freshest, most wholesome ingredients make the best, most flavorful sandwiches to sustain the adventurous spirit.

When we first opened, there weren’t many healthy, portable food options for the people of Colorado. So we made it our mission to offer high-quality, sustainably sourced foods that people could take with them to fuel their adventures, whether that was up a mountain or to a boardroom.

What we serve to our customers matters to us more than simply selling sandwiches, so we make as much as we can from scratch. Our ingredients are sourced from responsible vendors wherever possible and contain:

  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • No harmful additives
  • No chemicals

Everything we serve at Yampa Sandwich Co. is all-natural, because we care about the food we serve as much as we do about the people who eat it.

Reason #2 to Own a Yampa Sandwich Franchise

Building Communities to Build Relationships

Yampa Sandwich Co. serves people, and people are part of communities. As such, our sandwich franchises begin with the mindset of community involvement.

Our franchisees build relationships with our entrepreneurial neighbors, not just because it helps us cross-promote (although it does), but because it grows roots in the community’s soil and establishes that Yampa Sandwich Co. is invested in the communities we join.

We want not only our franchisees to succeed, but the neighborhoods to which we belong to thrive, and the business districts in which those neighborhoods reside to flourish.

The economies of entire towns where a Yampa Sandwich Co. is located matter to us, and if we are a part of that, the people who enjoy our foods can see us working alongside them to help make that happen.

We’re not just another fast-casual sandwich franchise looking to take a customer’s money and profit while the profiting is good, then close up shop at the first sign of trouble. We enjoy doing business in the communities in which we open, and we hope to stay there for years to come.

Getting involved in community events, sponsoring important events, volunteering our time for worthy causes, and showing our faces to help out where we can, show our communities we’re here for the long haul and we truly care about the people who live where we work.

We may not be one of the top sandwich franchise chains in the country (yet), but we’re certainly a contender for one of the most recognizable sandwich franchises in Colorado because of how we conduct business.

Reason #3 to Own a Yampa Sandwich Franchise

Caring for People and the Environment

Society is constantly evolving, and with it, so is Yampa Sandwich Co., although it’s safe to say we’ve been pretty socially conscious and environmentally aware from the very beginning of our business journey.

From the outset of the Yampa Sandwich Co. sandwich franchise concept, we’ve taken people’s dietary requirements and our impact on the environment incredibly seriously. We wanted, from the very beginning, to give people wholesome food that tastes phenomenal and is as portable for a mountain trail as it is for a family outing to the park or game. That means accommodating a variety of diets.

Because we chose Colorado as our home base, we want to take care of the beauty surrounding us, which also means environmental stewardship. Aside from sourcing our ingredients as responsibly as we can.

Every single item on our menu—save for one sandwich—is under 1,000 calories. Compared to other well-known sandwich franchises, Yampa Sandwich Co. can compete with the best for both flavor and healthy choices.

We also understand people have a more nuanced understanding of dietary requirements than ever. That’s why we offer such a variety of toppings and flavors. Customers can personalize their orders to make them as safe and healthy (or indulgent) as they need them to be.

How to Own a Yampa Sandwich Franchise

As far as investments go, owning a Yampa Sandwich Co. is one of the most affordable sandwich franchise opportunities available in the fast-casual restaurant segment.

Initial investment estimates range between $295,750 to $527,900. The $25,000 franchise fee is included in that range. A monthly 5% royalty fee is also competitive in a market where 6% to 8% is fairly common among other top sandwich franchise chains.

Yampa Sandwich Co. is searching for like-minded entrepreneurs who are interested in owning and operating a sandwich franchise that fuels the adventurous spirit and brings people together over a quality meal. If this sounds like you, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!