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The Yampa Sandwich Co. Franchise is One of the Easiest Food Franchises to Open

When Peter Boniface and David Pepin developed the concept for Yampa Sandwich Co. more than 20 years ago, they were excited to fuel the body and soul of the outdoor enthusiasts in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They weren’t yet thinking about what would make their shop one of the easiest food franchises to open.

What they didn’t anticipate was how appealing portable, nutritious, hearty, and delicious foods would become to everyone. Yampa Sandwich Co. grew in popularity with busy moms wanting something better than a burger for on-the-go families.

What started as fuel for the adventurous spirit is part of what makes Yampa Sandwich Co. one of the easiest food franchises to open.

Discover Our Easy and Tasty Menu

Yampa Sandwich Co. has pulled off quite the feat: its menu is full of delicious, unique flavor combinations that aren’t commonly found in other restaurants, and it doesn’t require extensive kitchen equipment to pull off these delectable tastes.

Sandwiches are some of the most versatile foods available, and they can be customized to the diner’s liking. They can be as healthy or as indulgent as the customer desires, and just as flavorful either way.

Yampa Sandwich Co. takes advantage of that versatility by offering flavors that aren’t like larger national brands with, quite honestly, repetitive menus.

For example, the Bushwacker sandwich, which is curry chicken salad and toasted almonds, rice and granny smith apple, gouda cheese, and romaine lettuce on whole wheat.

Or the Pilgrim sandwich, which brings to mind a Thanksgiving feast with roasted turkey, gouda, seasoned stuffing, cranberry chutney, romaine lettuce, and mayo on sourdough.

There are vegetarian options, and guests are invited to get creative to make their own inspired sandwiches or salads if our chef-driven menu isn’t sparking their taste buds.

The streamlined operations that produce some of the best sandwiches available are just the first of many reasons Yampa Sandwich Co. is one of the easiest food franchises to open. There’s not a lot of equipment or a large building requirement necessary for a Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise.

Not only that, less equipment means less maintenance, which minimizes potential downtime. We also don’t need a large amount of inventory on hand, which simplifies daily operations and purchasing. All of this combines to mean fewer complications when training new staff members. Yampa Sandwich Co. really is one of the easiest food franchises to open.

The Culture of One of the Easiest Food Franchises to Open

What we offer our customers is a culture, a way of living. The design of our franchises and our menus appeal to adventurous souls and thrive in bustling cities and towns where we’re an active part of the community.

Why is that? Because our customers can trust that our ingredients are healthy. We work with vendors who treat their animals humanely. We source our ingredients to be as whole as possible. Everything we serve is harm-free, additive-free, and chemical-free, with the most minimized carbon footprint we can achieve.

We take our environmental stewardship seriously, and we have since the beginning of Yampa Sandwich Co.

People are now more focused on the origin of their food, the treatment of the animals they consume, and the quality of their produce. They want to minimize the harm that food causes the environment. As such, they’ll actively seek restaurants that match their own environmental goals and intentionally eat there.

We’ve found our customer loyalty growing over the years because of our environmental awareness and care. It makes the choice of where to eat easier for them.

By extension, it also makes for easy franchise opportunities for environmentally conscious investors. A Yampa Sandwich Co. is one of the easiest food franchises to open for those who care about the world they live in and want to leave it a better place for the next generation.

How to Open a Yampa Sandwich Co.

So how do you become a part of one of the easiest food franchises to open?

Qualified investors can expect their initial investment in a Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise unit to range between $295,750 and $527,900, which includes the $25,000 franchise fee. This is another reason Yampa Sandwich Co. is one of the easiest fast food franchises to open: it’s much less upfront capital than many of those other chains.

Once the franchise agreement is signed, franchise owners begin their extensive training, which includes an introduction to our systems and processes, general business management, food preparation, and more at one of our company-owned Yampa Sandwich Co. locations.

Our franchise development team will demonstrate why Yampa Sandwich Co. is one of the easiest food franchises to open by providing ongoing support and expert advice from the beginning through the grand opening. We’ll offer expert advice on site selection and build-out, and we’ll be on-hand during opening to ensure your grand opening has peak performance.

Franchise owners also receive ongoing support through periodic on-site visits and continuous access through phone and email to help with any questions that arise. Our confidential operating manual is an essential piece of guidance available to franchisees to aid in daily operations, specific procedures, and effective business practices.

When developing our franchise model, we’ve carefully vetted all the technology we use to make Yampa Sandwich Co. one of the easiest food franchises to open and operate. That includes the POS systems and accounting platforms, inventory tracking, scheduling, and other software to help run each sandwich franchise.

Each Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise owner also receives marketing and promotional support. This includes strategic marketing campaigns, guidance on local social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and email marketing to help you stay visible and build brand recognition in your community and territory.

We offer our franchise owners the whole package from start to finish. From the moment the franchise agreement is signed, we’re with you every step.

Our streamlined processes, smaller footprint requirements, and smooth operating procedures make Yampa Sandwich Co. an easy franchise opportunity to invest in. Contact us today to get started!