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Yampa Sandwich Co. is a Rising Star Among the Best Franchises to Own

Knowing which are the best franchises to own can be a difficult decision for any potential franchise investor. Is it a tried-and-true burger chain? What about pizza?

Or will franchisees that serve vegan or smoothies succeed in satisfying America’s growing demand for healthy fast service foods?

There is one segment of the fast casual and quick service restaurant (QSR) industry that fulfills consumers’ ever-present quest for tasty, convenient foods while also offering healthy, nutritious choices: the sandwich franchise.

The State of the Fast-Casual and Quick Serve Restaurant Industries

Fast food is by far one of the biggest segments of the restaurant industry, with a $232.3 billion market in 2021. The market is also displaying a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9%, which leads to forecasts that the market will reach $308 billion by 2027.

It’s this market size that makes fast casual and QSR restaurants among some of the best franchises to own.

This is supported by the number of QSR restaurants—183,543 franchise locations in the US in 2020, even as the country dealt with a global pandemic.

Are Sandwich Franchises the Best Franchises to Own?

What about sandwich franchises specifically?

Sandwiches are the 3rd most popular QSR segment, with 12% of the market share behind burgers (31%) and pizza (15%).

With a market value of $20.56 billion, the sandwich QSR sector was set to grow by an additional $2 billion in 2021.

It’s in the numbers: the sandwich restaurant segment has been popular since the mid-2000s and is continuing to retain its popularity and grow at healthy rates. A strong market presence is another indicator that a sandwich franchise is one of the best franchises to own.

America’s Preference for Convenience and Flavor Make Sandwich Restaurants Among the Best Franchises to Own

During 2020, consumer eating patterns were undergoing a dramatic shift to online and app ordering as well as using delivery services like Grubhub and DoorDash.

Many sandwich restaurants were already offering these services, making them one of the best franchises to own.

Apps made sandwiches easily customizable, so customers could choose everything from their bread, their individual ingredients, and build their own unique flavors. Chains like Jimmy John’s had set expectations about quick, convenient delivery.

Ordering online or with apps was the next logical step, and Americans were taking note.

Between October and November of 2020, 71.8% of US fast food consumers stated their reason for eating fast food was convenience.

Of those same respondents, only 37.6% said it was because the fast food they were eating tasted good.

As an indication of the market as a whole, a sandwich franchise like Yampa Sandwich Co. is in a prime position to improve the flavor and quality of fast casual food menus.

Americans are ready for highly flavorful, healthy food, and sandwiches are one of the best foods to achieve that.

By offering diverse menus with top-quality ingredients and unique flavors, Yampa Sandwich Co. is positioning itself as one of the best franchises to own by filling in the flavor gap in the fast food franchise world.

We Believe Yampa Sandwich Co. is One of the Best Franchises to Own

We started Yampa Sandwich Co. because we’re passionate about food that fuels the adventurous spirit. In order to be one of the best food franchises to own, we have to understand what consumers are looking for:

  • They want healthy, flavorful options.
  • They want quick, convenient, and affordable.
  • They want to know their purchases aren’t going to detrimentally impact the environment.

Yampa Sandwich Co. fulfills those wants and then some, which made us one of the best franchises to own in 2021.

When Peter Boniface and David Pepin opened their first Yampa Sandwich Co. location in Steamboat Springs, Colorado more than 20 years ago, they combined their passion for the outdoors with the convenient, on-th-go foods that feed the heart and soul.

Including environmental stewardship with harm-free superfood ingredients that minimize the Yampa Sandwich Co. footprint and properly fuel the body was a given from the start.

Throughout the years, Yampa Sandwich Co. has done business alongside the top brands in sandwich franchising and has remained a consumer favorite.

Now, we’re looking to expand that by awarding franchises to investors beyond the Rockies. That makes us one of the best franchises to own in 2022 and into the future.

A Yampa Sandwich Co. Investment

Yampa Sandwich Co. has, at its core, a simple philosophy: focus on the customer and bring value to the community.

The ideal Yampa Sandwich Co. franchisee is someone who identifies with the fulfillment of that promise, is detail-oriented, and has a passion for nutritious, craveable food in unique flavor combinations.

The investment estimate to own a Yampa Sandwich Co. ranges between $295,750 and $527,900. Included in that is a $25,000 franchise fee.

We Support Yampa Sandwich Co. Franchise Owners

Another aspect that makes Yampa Sandwich Co. one of the best franchises to own is the level of support our franchisees receive.

From the moment the franchise agreement is signed, we work with our franchise owners on everything from offering advice on site selection, start-up operations, and ongoing marketing. This involves a multi-faceted level of support.

Our franchise owners receive pre-opening training on everything necessary to run their Yampa Sandwich Co. location, including systems and processes, general business management, menus, food prep and storage, and all functions of the job.

During the grand opening, we are on-site to give franchise owners all the support necessary for prime operations.

Following a location’s opening, we continue our support through periodic on-site visits, and we’re available to our franchise owners by phone and email for convenience and fast access to our development team.

We also get franchise owners up-to-speed on technology tools that help them run their Yampa Sandwich Co. location, and they have access to our confidential manual of operations for a seamless day-to-day roadmap.

Providing ongoing marketing both on a local and regional level continues to help our franchise owners spread the word. Our assistance with local campaigns are also a gateway to become involved in the community, which is an important part of the Yampa Sandwich Co. philosophy.

What are the best franchises to own? We think it’s Yampa Sandwich Co. If it sounds like that to you, too, then contact us today to learn how you can become a Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise owner.