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Yampa Sandwich Co. is Giving Top Sandwich Franchises a Run for Their Money

From the late 1990s into the early 2000s, Subway sandwich franchises exploded into the quick-serve restaurant franchise market as a healthier and more affordable alternative to the fast food burger, taco, or pizza franchise.

As the first to create their own niche, Subway became the top sandwich franchise for many years.

Now, Subway locations are declining in number, and competition is much fiercer among the top sandwich franchises. How well does Yampa Sandwich Franchise Co. compare with bigger national brands?

With a menu full of distinctive flavors and quality nutrition and an affordable franchise model, Yampa Sandwich Co. could very well be the next big national sandwich franchise.

The Flavor Battle with Top Sandwich Franchises

Today’s sandwich consumer is rarely satisfied with a simple turkey on whole wheat with American cheese. That’s what’s so great about sandwiches—they can be as simple or complex in flavors as you make them.

Yampa Sandwich Co. is a contender for one of the top sandwich franchises because our menu takes creative, delectable flavors to a whole new level.

We built our menu for adventurous people, so many of our selections are unlike any flavor combination found on the menus of larger national sandwich franchises.

Case in point: our curry chicken salad sandwich. Or perhaps the Cuban sandwich, with its quality ham and slow-roasted pulled pork will hit the spot.

On each of our sandwiches or salads, consumers can find unique ingredients such as brie or chevre (goat) cheese, flavorful sauces like cranberry chutney or mayo infused with chipotle seasoning or horseradish, and less common vegetables like sweet roasted peppers or roasted eggplant.

Additionally, our emphasis on sourcing our ingredients that are harm-free, chemical-free, and additive-free enhances the flavors. Our meats come from vendors who treat their animals humanely, and our vegetables and greens are as fresh and whole as we can find.

The Health Battle with Top Sandwich Franchises

At Yampa Sandwich Co., we’ve considered the healthy side of our menu since we first opened in Steamboat Springs, Colorado more than 20 years ago.

We wanted to create a filling, portable, and delicious food that will keep our customers going all day, whether they are hiking a tough trail or navigating a tough business meeting.

We’ve carefully crafted our foods not only to be flavorful but to be healthy. Our entire menu—save for a single item—consists of sandwiches, salads, and soups that have fewer than 1,000 calories.

Compared to the menus of the many of the top sandwich franchises, Yampa Sandwich Co. is among the healthiest of the group.

Some of our menu choices, like the variety of cheeses or the flavorful mayos and chutneys, can inflate the calories or add fats to the nutritional value.

However, we love when our customers customize their orders to make them their own. In this way, our customers can stay completely true to their diet, splurge a little, or even splurge a lot.

We also understand calories can bog down drinks like soda or lemonades. That’s why we offer many drink choices that have a range of calories and sugar quantities, and not just the standard carbonated beverages.

The Franchise Battle with Top Sandwich Franchises

We like to think Yampa Sandwich Co. is capable of winning the franchise battle with the top sandwich franchises as well.

We’ve developed a franchise model that removes many of the hiccups new restaurants experience while staying affordable in a highly competitive market.

Franchise owners have to invest as much as $786,233 to open a Jersey Mike’s sandwich franchise.

In order to even qualify for a Jimmy John’s franchise, investors must have a minimum net worth of $1 million.

Schlotzky’s, an up-and-coming sandwich franchise brand, requires $300,000 liquid capital in order to launch each location, and the minimum investment range begins at over $500,000.

By signing up for a tried-and-true Subway sandwich franchise, investors are committing to a higher-than-average monthly royalty payment percentage of 8%.

With Yampa Sandwich Co., franchise owners can expect the initial investment estimate to range between $295,750 to $527,900. The $25,000 franchise fee is included in that number, and ongoing fees include a 5% royalty and a monthly $150 technology fee.

We’re able to keep our franchise costs affordable because our daily operating procedures are streamlined to make every Yampa Sandwich Co. run smoothly.

The nature of our menu means our kitchen equipment isn’t extensive, so franchise owners save money during the build-out as well as monthly on lowered utilities and operating costs. Sourcing high-quality ingredients also don’t require great expense with the right vendors.

Our Support for Franchisees Makes Yampa Sandwich Co. a Top Sandwich Franchise

Our commitment to giving our franchise owners everything they need to run a thriving Yampa Sandwich Co. location includes unrivaled support from the moment the franchise agreement is signed.

We can’t speak for other top sandwich franchises, but we take care of our franchise owners as though they are family.

It begins with pre-opening training performed at one of our company-owned locations for the best on-site experience we can provide.

This training covers food preparation standards, quality customer service, how each staff position at Yampa Sandwich Co. creates a cohesive team, and understanding the technology we’ve vetted to help with all restaurant operations.

The technology we have adopted helps keep the POS systems, accounting, scheduling and payroll, purchasing and inventory tracking, and marketing on track.

Our franchise owners also receive on-site support during their grand opening(s) as well as periodic visits to help them maintain the quality of service our customers have come to expect from a Yampa Sandwich Co.

Marketing strategies, both local and national, are an important key to helping the Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise model flourish.

Every franchise owner receives access to all of our marketing materials and ideas to help us grow our brand recognition across the US. We’re already one of the top sandwich franchises in Colorado, and we’re looking to expand beyond the Rockies.

The overall result is a Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise opportunity that is affordable for investors and competes well with the big national sandwich franchises on flavor and nutrition.

If you’re looking to join a brand with a great reputation and a tested business model that’s ready for bigger and better things, contact us today to learn how to become a Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise owner.