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If a Healthy Food Franchise is on your Mind, Let’s Talk About a Healthier Opportunity

When considering a healthy food franchise, there are many options to choose from.

However, when narrowing down the list of opportunities, franchise concepts with a healthier menu offering have proven to be a winning choice.

Let’s look at the future market predictions! 

Reading at Forbes, consumers are craving better options that match their wellness goals. “54% of all consumers, and 63% of  those 50+, care more about the healthfulness of their food and beverage choices in  2020 than did in 2010; healthfulness is the biggest mover, more so than taste and  price.”

But why not have health, taste and price all wrapped up into one? 

A sub shop can be a perfect healthy food franchise option

A sandwich franchise is a perfect healthy food franchise solution. And The Yampa Sandwich Company franchise offers the perfect opportunity. With a versatile menu designed around unique flavors using the best-sourced ingredients, the healthier sandwich concept is right at your fingertips.

Not all sandwiches are created equal!

Sure, we are all familiar with the many sandwich franchise concepts that exist.

In fact, “In the US, the sandwich franchise industry saw 2.6% annualized growth in its market size in 2015- 2020, reaching a value of $25 billion. The industry did a better job than many competitors at keeping up with consumer preferences for healthy food franchise options. This kept the sandwich  franchise industry growing at a healthy clip while other fast-food segments stagnated or  even declined.” (Franchisechatter.com)

But, are all sandwich franchises equal in their offering?

The answer to this question, definitely not! No matter which brand we are speaking about, each has its own customer following and place in the overall market.

But, when you consider the list of healthy sandwich franchise options, the list becomes smaller and more exciting.

This is where Yampa Sandwich Company fits in, a sandwich concept that was founded on providing a better, healthier sandwich option. As a Healthy franchise in Colorado Rocky Mountains, health is in our DNA. Fueling an active lifestyle is where it all began and continues to drive our brand today.

It all starts with the ingredients.

Research shows that today’s consumers, millennials, in particular, are trending towards healthier food options.

And to this point, the flexibility of a sandwich menu and its ingredients provides that exact experience without sacrificing flavor or value.

A well-crafted sandwich menu offers healthier options for the consumer. (QSR Magazine) What makes a delicious and healthy sandwich menu you might ask? The ingredients, plain and simple. 

Yampa Sandwich Company has spent the last 20 years sourcing and developing a proven menu that satisfies all taste buds.

By staying true to our mission, all of the ingredients we use are carefully  scrutinized for their flavor and natural nutritional benefits.

From the simplest of ingredients to our home made recipes, each item is chosen and prepared to provide the healthiest sandwich possible.

By selecting such quality ingredients, our menu stands  apart and fuels the body, mind, and soul. And with the help of a fantastic and healthy ingredient list, a sandwich menu provides the versatility to attract palates, from the vegan to the meat eater alike.

A healthy food franchise opportunity could be waiting for you

Research shows that the sandwich franchise industry is here to stay and has much room for growth.

Healthier ingredients and menu choices are the trend with no signs of pulling back. As you consider the many healthy restaurant franchise opportunities, and specifically sandwich franchises, it clearly makes sense to align yourself with a concept that follows your beliefs in providing the healthiest sandwiches available!

At Yampa Sandwich Company, we have built a brand and reputation around the better, healthier sandwich.


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