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Smoothie franchise for sale vs. Sandwich Shop, Which is Better?

Are you thinking of a smoothie franchise for sale? Let’s read more about before taking a decision

One of the most popular items on the market today is a smoothie franchise. Just think about it, you get to provide an all-natural product for people that they can’t buy in stores. If this sounds like something that would be good for yourself, read more about what’s needed so you don’t make any mistakes in starting up!

Entrepreneurs and consumers alike have been riding the fitness wave since the eighties, and even before then. It was a time when they could “Call Now!” to buy a juicer at 3am or stock up on VHS aerobic videos.

Today, though it is still possible to buy a juicer at 3am online, consumers have learned that fitness trends and fad diets come and go.

In fact, the basic knowledge we have had all along continues to ring true; fitness evolves from the inside out. Whatever a person does to stay fit begins with fueling the body with good, healthful, wholesome, food.

Leveraging the Juice Bar Franchises and Top Smoothie Franchises Business Model

Smoothies are a trend that have taken juicing and other healthier-food options up a notch.

The first smoothie bar sprouted out of the sand in California by offering blended fruit, juice and ice together to help cool off beachgoers.

It was a hit!

So, Juice bars, juice bar franchises and top smoothie franchises opportunities have evolved into mainstays in the marketplace.

Fruit, vegetables, and herbs blended with dairy products makeup the foundation of smoothie recipes and attract business builders for their mass appeal and seemingly simply business model.

According to MarketWatch, two-fifth of the world’s smoothie consumers are in North America, which has created a $3 billion smoothie market in the United States with a 1.8% annual growth rate (Ibisworld).

Smoothie and juice bar franchise business model

All business models need to evolve with consumer demand.

It’s why we see salads at burger joints, more digital brochures than paper ones, and delivery services for almost any product you can imagine.

It’s no wonder that juice bars and smoothie franchises have grown in this landscape.

Smoothie franchises

The latest craze is the smoothie bowl. Basically, it’s a thicker version of the smoothie served in a bowl with fruit and other toppings like nuts, granola – you know, food. Food to fill consumers up and fuel their bodies.

Fuel is one thing we understand at Yampa Sandwich Co.

Our story began along a hiking trail in the mountains when we figured out that nothing seemed to hit the spot better when we were on the trail than an awesome sandwich filled with power-packed ingredients.

It was portable, could be customized a million different ways (okay…not quite a million) and it was exactly the boost hungry hikers needed. 

Now we know that everyone needs a boost, not just literal trailblazers. Food fuels us all whether we spend eight hours in board meetings, have non-stop afternoons chasing toddlers, are stuck in the dorm studying all night, or train seven days per week for a marathon. Good food is for everyone, and sandwiches make good food easy to eat.   

For those thinking of expanding their professional portfolio through franchise ownership, who are enticed by the smoothie franchise opportunities, here are 3 reasons we consider a sandwich shop is a better choice:

Smoothie Franchises for sale vs. Sandwich Franchise

1. Fast-Casual Beats Counter Service

Fast-casual restaurants (a step up from counter service or QSR) have been growing at nearly three times the rate of the restaurant industry as a whole, even during recent economic challenges (Statista).

Smoothie franchises for sale are an important part of the QSR category. But, within the robust fast-casual sector, the sandwich franchise industry lead the market with $5.9 billion in sales, and the overall sandwich and subs industry in the U.S. is a whopping $19.3 billion market (Ibisworld).

Sandwiches have been around since the first century BC (honest, you can look it up!), and that is some serious staying power for any industry.

2. A Sandwich for Every Meal

It could definitely be argued that you could survive on a smoothie for every meal. But would you want to?

Sandwiches come in every possible concoction imaginable and can be customized for any time of day – and consumers want them! 

Around 70% of Americans wish restaurants would serve breakfasts all day (mrbreakfast.com) and breakfast sandwiches are immensely popular. In fact, according to QSR magazine, breakfast is taking over the fast-food industry,

Also, about 25% of consumers say they would pay for healthier bread on any sandwich for any meal of the day.

You know a good quality sandwich is what the people want when 71% of food service operators say they would pay more to offer premium deli meats to their customers.

A good sandwich shop franchise will catch the same wave with higher quality ingredients.

Sandwiches can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert with the right ingredients. As the owner of a restaurant franchise, why would anyone turn off the flow of possible revenue streams through multiple day-part service options?

3. Multiple Revenue Streams in a Niche Market

Consumers appreciate premium products, which perhaps is why certain high quality niche markets are appealing to those seeking franchise ownership within the food and beverage or restaurant industries.

The tricky thing with any niche offering, though, is making sure the specialty that is offered can go the distance by providing enough variety to meet consumer demand and not limit revenue opportunities.

No doubt the best smoothie franchise opportunity offers variety – any combination of flavors and ingredients. What you won’t find at a smoothie shop is a sandwich, but what you very likely might find at a sandwich shop, is a smoothie. See what we did there?

Smoothie shops sell smoothies. A sandwich shop offers sandwiches, and anything else that might go well with a sandwich: chips, coleslaw, soup, soft drinks, and yes – smoothies.

So, in conclusion

Go ahead and buy a juicer online at 3am. But if you are looking for a smoothie franchise investment opportunity that lets you stand the test of time, build business, and offer great variety, consider a top Yampa sandwich franchise that sources healthful, sustainably sourced ingredients, and provides multiple revenue streams. Fuel the people and they will come, again and again and again.

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