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6 Key Ingredients for a Successful Sandwich Shop Franchise

Ask any sandwich shop franchise owner about their business and they may talk about it as if it is a living, breathing entity. Most business owners pour everything into their businesses – their time, their energy, their resources. It is not surprising that they would treat their businesses with as much care and attention as possible.

It makes sense then, that the key ingredients that go into creating or operating a thriving sandwich shop franchise resemble what we look for in positive interpersonal relationships: a bright personality, appealing character traits, and a solid foundation we can rely on.

1. Personality of a Sandwich Shop Franchise

The personality of a brand is its brand story and its voice. It comes from its roots, the vision of its founder(s) and the way that vision is brought to life. At Yampa Sandwich Co. for example, the story of the brand is easily defined by the roots from which it came. Two founders had a single idea to fuel the trailblazers who traversed the Colorado mountains with hearty, nutritious, portable goodness, in the form of sandwiches. To this day, the simplicity of that concept rings true, though the market has expanded. Now the hearty fare they offer is as popular in the board room and around the family dining table as it is on the trail.

2. Let Brand Voice Provide the Great Divide

Yampa’s voice has remained consistent throughout the history of its brand. The vibe is casual and cool and lets everyone know they are welcome. There are many sandwich shop franchises in the U.S., and the easiest way to create a differentiator between them, to separate each one from the competition, is through brand voice. Brand voice lends itself to every aspect of the business. It is woven into each marketing message and is responsible for sharing the brand story. That brand voice brings the menu and restaurant to life with its language, and attracts the target market. In other words, it is the key component that communicates – chats with – the customer. And, it also resonates with potential franchise owners.

3. The Characteristics of a Sandwich Shop Franchise

Key characteristics of a person are what help us decide if we want to hang out with them. The same is true for a sandwich or sub franchise. Is the food good? Is there something special about it, a signature sandwich or soup recipe, for example, that sets it apart from the rest?

As consumers, we want delicious food that is priced at a good value. We want excellent customer service, a clean environment, convenient hours of operation and if we are millennials or gen z-ers, we probably want to know the ingredients we’re eating were sustainably sourced and of high quality.

As business owners, we want to ensure we are serving the best quality menu items to customers, satisfying their cravings, and giving them reasons to keep coming back.

4. We Also Want a Brand We Can Count On

Perhaps the most important sandwich or sub shop franchise characteristic is that of reliability. This is also part of what keeps people coming back for more. If customers can rely on the same great quality, appealing vibe, and overall satisfactory experience each time they visit, they might just become “regulars.” For a franchise owner, a loyal following of local residents with great word-of-mouth skills are worth their weight in gold – or sandwiches!

5. The Foundation of a Sandwich or Sub Franchise

What gives owning a sandwich shop franchise an edge over starting from scratch? Or what is the deciding factor when a prospective buyer sees a sub shop franchise for sale? A franchise is a system. It’s a business model with all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed, sort of a “business-in-a-box” if you will. It is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and guided by a signed legal document called a Franchise Agreement. All franchise systems are not created equal, however, which is why it’s important to have a great one. A shaky foundation won’t work for anyone.

6. A Sandwich Shop Franchise is Only as Good as its System

An enticing franchise system is well thought out, shows proof of performance, and is run by people you should generally get along with. It should provide guidance for operations, technology, marketing, front- and back-of-house procedures, inventory, POS, training, and just about anything else you can think of. This system is the foundation of a franchise. If it is solid, then the personality and characteristics of the business will be set up to thrive with confidence. Who isn’t attracted to confidence?

Combine All Ingredients and Mix Well

In conclusion, the key ingredient for a rewarding sandwich shop business is to find or create one that “speaks” to you as a friend would. Go for that robust personality that reflects your own and you will have found a brand with which you can identify. Speak the language of that brand through messaging, or find a franchise model with a brand voice that sings to you. Choose positive character traits that attract your targeted local customers and operate with consistency so they know what they can expect each time they drop by.

And lastly, if you are looking to open a sandwich or sub shop franchise of your own, look for a solid foundation with Yampa Sandwich Franchise, a business system that leaves no questions unanswered. Only then can you bring that unwavering dedication and enthusiasm to a brand – two core ingredients that are key to growing any business.