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Looking at Business Opportunities in Colorado?

Before learning about the best franchise opportunities in Colorado, let’s understand why people going into business choose franchising as their top strategy.

  • One key reason is to skip rookie mistakes and follow a system with an established brand in the marketplace.

Business Opportunities in Colorado Offer Several Advantages

Colorado Business Opportunities Industry Snapshot

Engaging in just about any venture in Colorado bumps up your cool factor, or at the very least, the ratings on the quality-of-life scale. Turns out beauty, mountains, and climate aren’t the mile-high state’s only attributes. Colorado boasts a positive economic climate as well, and investors have taken notice. Business opportunities in Colorado are plentiful.

The Strength of Colorado Business Opportunities

The Colorado Small Business Development Centre tells us that there are more than 16,000 franchise locations in Colorado, employing more than 171,000 people – that’s more than 10% of all jobs in the state. In fact, 21 franchise companies in Colorado are on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list, which means they are ranked among the top franchises in the country!

Which Restaurant Business Opportunities in Colorado are Important to Consider?

Looking at trends is a good way to help figure out which are the best restaurant business opportunities in Colorado. For example, the popularity of plant-based and vegan food franchises is on the rise thanks to Millennials and Gen Z consumers who care about healthful living and the environment.

A good franchisor with a focus on this target market will know that this younger hungry bunch also enjoys experimenting with products from different cultures, and a whopping 86% of them will try a restaurant solely because they saw food-related content online. Fire up those Instagram accounts and let the pics represent!

Industry associations can also be a great resource for those looking to invest in Restaurant franchise opportunities in Colorado to help identify trends and consumer demographic information.

Key Components of a Good Business Opportunity in Colorado

What specifically should one think about when considering business opportunities in Colorado? The Advisory Board tells us that Colorado is the tenth healthiest state to live in based on citizen behavior. That one statistic tells us a lot about who is living there and what their interests may be.

The definition of a health-conscious consumer is someone who is interested in maintaining health through diet and lifestyle. This translates to the desire for healthier food choices and above-average physical activity. Anyone who has been to Colorado knows the state’s natural resources offer plentiful opportunities to be active: hiking, skiing, swimming, and more. But who knew a mountain range and nice weather would make such a difference when considering restaurant business opportunities in Colorado?

What’s So Great About Sandwiches?

The idea of an active lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with sandwiches.

What is more portable, and quite possibly more power-packed, than a good sandwich? The art of making an excellent sandwich goes back to 18th century England, when the Earl of Sandwich, John Montague, wanted something easy to eat, so not to interrupt his poker game. Fast-forward to the consumers of today; they want a great-tasting, convenient sandwich that fills them up and powers them through their day.

Plus, sandwiches come in all sizes, flavors, and components, and can be created and recreated to meet the demands of any trend in the industry. According to technomic.com, 61% of consumers say it’s important to be able to customize their food. Can you think of any food more customizable than a sandwich? Maybe a combination of the above reasons are why the sandwich industry has managed to maintain momentum in the industry by providing new menu items that capitalize on consumer demand for better health, convenience, and value.

Restaurant Business Opportunities in Colorado should Focus on Healthy Options

So, what restaurant business opportunities in Colorado should you be on the lookout for? When it comes to a state such as Colorado, an emphasis on healthy options should be a must.

Colorado is known for its year-round outdoor activities, and it’s no surprise that the state has some of America’s healthiest residents. Colorado ranked fourth in a new analysis with an obesity level below national norms–and only one fatality per million people!

The fact that this jurisdiction ranks so highly against 13 contributing factors speaks volumes about how well they’re doing when considering all aspects related to wellness.

This just goes on to prove why people living here value healthy food franchise opportunities. A restaurant should not only offer healthier food items, but also be able to explain why their ingredients and menu items are good for you. Diners today want to know where their food comes from, and that it is ethically and sustainably sourced.

Take Yampa Sandwich Franchise for Example

Yampa Sandwich Co. originated on the trails of the Rocky Mountains with one goal in mind: fuel the bodies of those taking on the trails by providing nutritious, easy-to-pack, delicious sandwiches. Good news traveled fast, and now the Yampa Sandwich Co. team has grown the brand to feed just about everyone, from the trailblazer to the trying-not-to-fall-asleep board member. Yampa Sandwich Co. has become a favorable restaurant franchise opportunity in Colorado and beyond.

So, if you are searching for Franchise opportunities in Colorado, business for sale in Fort Collins or any other Colorado business opportunity,  know that Yampa Sandwich took their skills one step further and created a time-tested franchise program to expand their brand. Now, new Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise owners are feeding more people in more places.

Investing in a Good Sandwich Business Opportunity Makes Sense

In the end, it is easy to see why investing in a sandwich franchise in Colorado makes sense. Sandwiches can be customized to meet consumer demand, and this is especially relevant in Colorado. Consumers across the state want robust, healthier fare to fit their lifestyles, and the industry outlook maintains this momentum.

Yampa Sandwich Co. has figured out exactly how to feed hungry Coloradans. They created a mighty menu, a sophisticated yet easy-to-operate business model, and a culture that makes all of us want to go into the sandwich business.